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Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change

Agriculture (crop, livestock and aquaculture) in southern Africa. Drivers of change for agriculture, aquaculture, and food supply. Sustainability of agriculture (crop, livestock and aquaculture) and food supply. Cropping and farming systems for sustainability. Classification and characteristics of the major livestock production systems of the main domestic animal species. Factors influencing livestock production systems (cultural, social, economical and political). Agrobiodiversity issues. Hotspot analysis of agricultural production systems. Impacts of climate change on agriculture (crop and livestock) and food supply. Vulnerability of agriculture on climate change. Impacts of crop and animal agriculture on climate - GHG emissions. Climate change mitigation and adaptation in crop and animal agriculture, and food supply systems. Climate resilience of agriculture and aquaculture. Climate change resilience of other components of food security. Coping strategies and risk management in crop, livestock and aquaculture production. The enabling environment for adaptation and mitigation. Climate Smart Agriculture. Food accessibility in southern Africa. Green retailing. Impacts of climate change on food utilization. Climate Smart Food Systems. Case studies.
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FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES Department of History and Political Science
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Administrative assistant: DILMAHOMED BOCUS Bibi Swaleha
Telephone: 4037400


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