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Analytical Techniques

Laplace Transforms: Introduction to transforms and operators, Laplace transforms of basic functions, unit step function, transforms of 1st and 2nd derivatives, application to electrical circuits, transfer functions, inverse Laplace transforms, derivation using partial fractions, Direct (s-domain) analysis of electrical circuits, interpolation of s-domain functions, system poles and their effect on system response, initial and final value theorems, transforms of piecewise continuous functions; Fourier Transforms; Fourier Series; Matrix solution of simultaneous linear equations, row reduction methods, Gaussian and Gauss Jordan elimination, consistency of simultaneous linear equations, transpose and inverse of a matrix, use of inverse to solve simultaneous linear equations, determinants, properties of eigenvectors, diagonalisation, couples linear systems; Generating functions: Recurrence relations, Proof using mathematical induction; Probability and statistics: Permutations and combinations, random events and assignment of probability, axioms of probability, Venn diagrams, independence, conditional probability and Bayes rule, Bernoulli trials, discrete and continuous random variables, Probability density (PDF) and cumulative distribution (CDF) functions, mean and variance, uniform, Gaussian and Poisson PDFs, The Central Limit Theorem, Estimation and Hypothesis testing, Linear regression and correlation, Examples: SNR of a PCM signal, bit error rate for binary data with Gaussian noise.
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FACULTY OF ENGINEERING Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineerin
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