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Advanced Cell Biology & Microbiology

This is a senior course covering more in-depth aspects in various topics of modern cell biology. Includes, but not be restricted to, areas such as cell-cycling, organelle biogenesis, chromatin structure and its role in transcription communication between nucleus and cytoplasm, molecular chaperones, cytoarchitecture, cell adhesion and migration. The microbiology component will cover detailed aspects bacterial pathogenesis with special emphasis on bacterial ultrastructure, mechanisms of pathogenesis and host defense mechanisms, and antibiotic therapy. Industrial microbiology will also be dealt with. This includes development and scope of microbiological industries, biomass and metabolite production and microbes in mine industries and waste treatment. The course will ensure extensive use of the current literature to illustrate important concepts.
Faculty Department
FACULTY OF SCIENCE Department of Biosciences & Ocean Studies
Contact Details
Administrative assistant: RAINA FERHANA HOSSENBUX
Telephone: 4037400


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