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Accounting and Finance for International Business

The Context of International Accounting. International Accounting Harmonisation. Multinational Corporations: External Reporting and Disclosure. Setting Accounting Standards, Diversity in accounting practices; the IASB framework, Understanding financial statements prepared under IAS/IFRS: Revenue Recognition; Reporting Financial Performance; Presentation of Financial Statements: Property, plant and equipment, Investments, Inventories; Operating and Finance Leases; intangible assets; Earnings per Share. Rationale for Group Financial Statements; Fair Values and Goodwill; Accounting for Subsidiary Undertakings; Foreign Currency Translation and Transactions; operating segments; Interpretation of financial statements of individual companies and groups. Domestic and international financial markets; The International Monetary System; Using Balance of Payments Data; The Foreign Exchange Market; International Parity Conditions; Measuring and managing foreign exchange exposure; Internal and external techniques of exposure management; Interest rate exposure; Capital and Ownership structure; cost of capital; time value of money, risk and return; objective of the firm and agency conflicts; investment appraisal techniques and evaluating overseas investment decisions; Capital markets and other sources of funding for the global firm; Import and export Financing; contemporary issues in international finance.
Faculty Department
FACULTY OF LAW AND MANAGEMENT Department of Finance and Accounting
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Administrative assistant: TASLIMA BOODHUN-JHUMKA
Telephone: 4037400


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