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The Constitution and Crime Prevention
POL 1314

The constitution as a tool to prevent crimes; Constitutionalism principles; Historical background to the constitution of Mauritius; the Constitution as the Supreme Law of Mauritius; the Supreme law as compared to ordinatry laws; General provisions of the constitution relevant to crime prevention; the Doctrine of Seperation of Powers, the law making power of parliament; the doctrine of the rule of law; the concept of democracy; specific provisions of the constitution relevant to crime prevention; protection of fundamental human rights; the relevance of the bill of rights; Freedom of Movement; Powers of Arrest; Right to Bail; Right to a Fair Trial; Proection against Inhuman and Degrading treatment and torture; the electoral system of Mauritius; the Government System of Mauritius, other principles related to crime prevention; community policing; sanctions as a tool to discourage crimes; imprisonment; rehabilitatio; case studies.
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