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Derivatives and Risk Management

The Risk Management Process, Taxonomy of Risk, Credit Risk Management and securatised instruments, Liquidity risk management, Interest Rate risk management , Solvency risk and Capital Adequacy, Risk related to the Markets: Price Risks and FOREX risks, Derivatives: Definition and types, Forward Contract: Standard forward contracts, FRAs, forward options, forward swaps, payoff profiles, Pricing of forwards, Futures Contracts: Difference between futures and forwards, Dealers and Auction markets, Margins Requirements and Marking to Markets, Option contracts: Call and Put options, Payoff profiles, Option pricing models (binomial and Black Scholes), combination of options, Swaps : Interest and Currency Swaps, Risks in Swaps. Basel Accords (1,2,3); syndicated lending; securitisation techniques.
Faculty Department
FACULTY OF LAW AND MANAGEMENT Department of Finance and Accounting
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Administrative assistant: TASLIMA BOODHUN-JHUMKA
Telephone: 4037400


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