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Animal Science and Production

Introduction to animal production industries. Biological constraints that influence productivity, efficiency of resource use, health/welfare and animal product quality. The animal and the environment interactions; Fundamental skills of animal husbandry: rationing; weighing and tagging; usage of preventive and diagnostic equipment; evaluation of body condition score; performance records. Animal housing evaluation. Introduction to animal behaviour and welfare. Aspects of physiological processes in growth, reproduction, lactation, egg formation and laying. Thermal exchanges in livestock production. Genetic and physiological adaptation to the environment. Reproductive technologies (e.g., artificial insemination). Livestock and climate change: impacts on productivity, grasslands, biodiversity and health. Management of heat stress. Adaptation Needs: Climate-Resilient Livestock. Digestive physiology and metabolism of end products of digestion. Factors regulating feed intake. Feed evaluation. Feeding standards and their applications. Feed formulation: manual and computerized procedures. The role of nutritionists in animal-based enterprises, including the use of least-cost ration formulation; Legislative framework for feed manufacture.
Faculty Department
FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES Department of History and Political Science
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Administrative assistant: DILMAHOMED BOCUS Bibi Swaleha
Telephone: 4037400


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