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Tissue and Organ Biology

Essential principles of embryogenesis and the developmental anatomy of the conceptus from fertilisation up to the completion of the embryo (i.e. up to the 4th week of development, including formation of the head, tail, and lateral body walls). Structure and function of: epithelia, connective tissues (including the hard tissues of bone and cartilage), muscle, and nervous tissue. Structure and function of the skin taken as an example to illustrate how tissues are combined to form an organ and as an example of cell renewal; simple introduction to common dermatological conditions as examples of disordered structure and function. Introduction to homeostasis and control of the internal body environment, including an overview of the structure and function of the autonomic nervous system.
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FACULTY OF SCIENCE Department of Biosciences & Ocean Studies
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Administrative assistant: RAINA FERHANA HOSSENBUX
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