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Tutorial for Faculty of Science Students  

Student Online System

This system has been implemented in order to allow University Administration to have your module list for the current semester, so as to better plan academic and administrative activities.


1. Log in

Once you have logged into the system you will have access to the following, which is the main menu of the system:




2.Enroll Module


The Faculty of science differs in its approach since it allows students to enroll for modules being offered in other units/departments as elective modules.


Since the student is doing BSc(Hons) Physics as his major, he can choose modules offered from the Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics Departments.


Please note that the modules you see are being provisional offered during the current semester.


Please click on the appropriate hyperlinks to select modules you would like to enroll upon in the different levels. You can also enroll on a General Education Module(GEM) provided that the GEM does not appear in your programme structure.


As an example, if you would like to enroll on modules of level 1, click on the ‘Level 1 Modules’ hyperlink. The following screen will appear:





 Upon successful submission of desired modules, the following screen will appear.


Please note that will have the opportunity to modify your module enrollment list even after you have submitted by following the View/Modify hyperlink.


If you would like to choose modules from level 2, you should click on the ‘Level 2 Modules’ hyperlink and repeat same steps as Level 1 Modules enrollment.

3. View and Modify


Click on the ‘View/Modify module enroll’ hyperlink in the main menu to be able to view list of modules on which you are already enrolled. You would also be able to modify your enroll list if you wish.




 4. Print Module Enrolled


You can print your module enrollment list for your own record. All you have to do is to click on the hyperlink ‘Print Module Enrolled’ from the main menu. Select  File -> Print on the menu bar of your browser.